Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Today (July 18)

Our second full day without the Bri. We did okay! No disasters, everyone ate, the laundry got done. Mac DID, however, sleep most of the day. 

I want to soak up my kids. But at the same time I want to get to all the housework I neglected while pregnant. My dirty windows were affecting my enjoyment of my house today! How do you find/create a balance? 

I know we are meant to work. We are created for it. How long do we sit and enjoy our kids each day? At every single moment there is a list the length of my arm (much of it related to the kids!) and it is so hard to not think of it when I sit to play with them. 

Will and Barrett played SO nicely together today. Hearing their imaginative play- for probably (at least) a total of 2.5 hours- makes my heart sing. I sorted laundry this morning and just listened as the finger puppets built a house, hiked the mountains, ate each other, turned nice then mean, etc. I often think, too: I'm going to wreck it if I go try to play with them. I'm going to interrupt their flow. So I stay out of it and enjoy it from a distance, usually. Isn't that what a mom does, to a large degree? Is supposed to do? Isn't that ok?

Lucas sent this lovely note to Will today! It says, "I loved your picture Will. I think you are a great artist. I think your picture is awesome."

Will was absolutely delighted. "Barrett," I overheard him saying later, "he says he thinks I'm a good artist." 

They were SO impressed with Lucas's drawing of Tyrux and Revvit. Barrett was a bit sad that he didn't get one, but I put it on our fridge so they can both enjoy it. 

"Mom,we haven't done a workout in the basement in like five days." Haha... more like three months. So we went downstairs and I did a light little workout. It felt so good and the kids loved being down there with me, again, doing our old thing. Neva has gone from being a crying, whining nuisance during this time, to being content to play. Very adorably, I must add. 

Anyway, this is Will showing me how strong he is... behold! A tractor and trailer, lifted high into the air!

Finally, a picture Will took of Barrett, playing pets on his own while I nursed Mac. Barrett is the king of imaginative play in this house. He directs most of their adventures. I've seen him entertain himself with a single Duplo truck and guy for half an hour while I nursed the baby once. I LOVE IT.

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