Saturday, July 22, 2017


Today Joel and Dayna took the boys to a baseball game at Jimmy John's field! William and Barrett we're so excited for the baseball show. All week long, it was, "how many more sleeps? How many more sleeps today until the baseball show? When Saturday did come, they were useless. They didn't seem to understand that the game was not until the evening. All day long, they kept reminding me, mom, we need to go to the baseball show now.

While they loved the game, I think their favorite part of the night was playing with Uncle Joel in his basement and earning trophies! William earned a real trophy for making five baskets, and Barrett earned a real trophy for making five kicks! (Apparently Uncle Joel was clearing out some space in the house, and thought his old high school trophies would be better appreciated by someone else. Were they ever. They say one man's trash is another man's treasure, but in this instance, that saying is elevated to a new level. William and Barrett are thrilled with their trophies.)

After playing at the house, Joel and Dayna took them to Wendy's for hamburgers, fries, chicken nuggets, and ranch. William told me later, "I finished my hamburger and all my fries and I was still hungry! So uncle Joel and aunt Dayna gave me all of their fries!"


"Mom," Barrett said, "there was a park there. And I found something! Do you want to guess what I found???"

"What, Barrett?"

"I found a CONE!"

At home, daddy was running errands and Neva and I were taking care of gag and reading lots of baby bug magazines. She calls them kit, which means "carrot, which is in reference to the stories about Kim and her stuffed bunny, carrots, that appear in each issue. She kept wanting to re-read the one where Kim and carrots have a tea party. This particular issue also featured other animals and babies having tea parties. I asked her if she would like to have a tea party, and she said, "Yeah!"

So we did. This was a big moment for me!  My first tea party with my daughter. It was divine.

After dumping her first cup of tea onto the towel ("no, no, Neva... you drink it, like this- see?"), she got the idea and sipped it from then on. Apparently she didn't want to pick up the cup for her sips, however, so she took a more direct approach.

When I realized that she was sitting quite nicely for a much longer span of time than I had anticipated, I decided we needed some snacks. I quickly ran into the kitchen, buttered a piece of bread, then cut it into tiny pieces and made tiny butter sandwiches. She ate them all.

All in all, a day to remember. 

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