Friday, July 7, 2017


July 7

My baby, holding my other baby



Contemplating his features (and Mac, comfy as a king)


Spending family time on the porch, waiting for the storm. 

Then Will got hold of the phone and began to take pictures... his latest favorite thing to do. 

(The other day Will came up to me while I was nursing Mac. "I'm going to take a picture of you," he informed me. "Say cheese!" I replied, "CHEESE!" with a garish grin. He admired the result: "That's a nice smile, Mom." I deleted the photo because it was so terrible. It was NOT a nice smile. But my little photographer makes me happy.)

Later, Neva found this mask and couldn't get enough of wearing it. She'd bring it to me to put it on for her, then walk away murmuring, "Wow." After a few times of replacing it, I showed her the selfie cam. She was astonished!

Of course, after pulling it off, she wanted it on again. "Wow..."

Will ran up to me: "Mom, I made a SEAL! And I made it for YOU!"

Tonight my parents came. There was lots of basement monster and baby holding. 

Neva and her two favorite people, "Gamma" and "Gack"

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