Monday, July 17, 2017

Brian back to work! (July 17)

"Mom, we match!"

Walking Bo, we discovered certain areas of our driveway are conducive to writing letters and numbers! William is soaking up learning like a sponge.

After dinner, Neva had a wretched diaper. She was already greasy from the day and dried-sweaty from her nap, so a bath was inevitable, but it was bumped up to now. So while Brian in the boys hung out on the deck, I whisked her upstairs. Fresh from the bath, she cuddled with Daddy on the hammock for a long while. 

Then, ever busy, she got down to try to poke her fingers into Mac's mouth. 

Mac, needing to be rescued from his bouncer, due to risk of assault, slept so happily on Daddy.

Today was my first full day back on the job. On Sunday I told Brian, "I don't know how I'm going to do this. I just have no idea what I'm going to do."

The first thing I did was the smartest thing I did all day. I read the Bible and I prayed. Of course, getting up before the kids is essential and worth a lost hour of sleep. Mac ended up sleeping most of the day and I even fit in a light workout. I chugged through the laundry and got it all washed and laid out flat to sort the next day. The kids played nicely and we had storytime and playtime together. Dinner was simple, grilled chicken legs and grilled corn on the cob, which Brian took over grilling when he got home because I hadn't gotten it cooking soon enough to have ready when he walked into the door. But he didn't mind finishing up while I nursed Mac, dealt with the kids, and set the table. All in all, it was a really pleasant day at home. 

I am so thankful to experience this!

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