Thursday, April 8, 2010

Such a beautiful disaster.

It is DEFINITELY spring. I know I've been complaining about the heat and the pollen - and I reserve the right to complain! - but everywhere I look, I see something beautiful. Redbud and dogwood trees, Bradford pears, magnolia trees, forsythia bushes and azaleas all blooming or ready to burst into color.

(HEY, we've got time for some Maegan trivia! Did you know that I was eliminated from my senior-high Midwest spelling bee because I misspelled AZALEA? It was such a blow to my confidence that the next morning, I purposely flunked my ACT's.

Okay, not really. I kicked butt on the ACT's. But since then, I've never been able to spell azalea correctly. Ever.)

But all this beauty has happened so fast, as though the leaves sprang out and the flowers appeared overnight. And last evening, when I walked out onto the deck, I saw this:

Wisteria blossoms. EVERYWHERE. It took my breath away.

Now, I've never understood why God made ticks and chiggers. And I don't see why He made it so that stiltgrass weeds can lie dormant in the soil for seven years, ready and able to pop up and thrive in the middle of the garden after years of RoundUp treatments and some mild cussing tossed their way.

And I don't understand why He made these insidious wisteria vines able to grow so fiercely, wrapping themselves tightly around pines and hardwoods and choking the life out of them even after Brian's cut them from their roots with a chainsaw.

But I'm sure glad He at least threw some flowers on it to make it pretty.

(But the pollen still makes me feel like I'm living in a desert. Also, like an asthmatic.)


  1. I'm jealous of all the beauty you two are surrounded by! Everything is still brown and gross here in Algonac, well besides the grass. I can't wait for everything to start blooming

  2. Thanks Amber. It is very pretty here this time of year and I love it. But even though your spring comes later, I love your summers a whole lot more. Once we hit June, everything just looks wilted until the fall. Including us. :)