Monday, April 12, 2010

The sweet spot.

One particularly good reason to get married is presents.

This one, from Kelly and David, absolutely rocks.

Even Bo likes it.
Only problem is, we don't use it but two months out of the year.

Here in Raleigh, May through October signals mosquitoes, biting flies, and heat so intense Brian literally will not let me turn on the oven. So we don't use this deck during these months. Ever. And we do not touch each other. We spend our evenings three or four feet apart, with a fan for each person, icy drinks close by, and the AC unit performing something like a miracle.

We watch a lot of movies in the summer.

And November through February, the chill in the air calls for FIRE! And so we spend our evenings curled up in front of the fireplace, talking about how great life is.

And all this time, the hammock is lovingly folded beneath the bed, waiting for an invitation to come out and delight us.

Then aah! comes March and April, with their mild days, gentle breezes, and cool nights. And the hammock again sees the light! And we string it up and watch for the leaves to unfurl and spring to come.

For these four weeks, we ditch the house and enjoy the heck out of this hammock. We soak up the sun on warm days and cuddle in it under a blanket when night comes. We look up at the stars and talk about how great life is. And we hope out loud to each other that - maybe - we might be able to keep it up through May.



  1. Thanks Bit. Last night we had Bo on with the two of us and it was fun! BUT stretched to the max. Still fun.