Saturday, April 11, 2015

April 11

This weekend, as I was getting the kids up on Saturday morning, Brian came into the room and crashed on Will's bed. "Daddy's gonna be working outside all day today!"

"Umm.... honey, no you're not," I said, a little alarmed. "I have to go to Cynthia's shower... remember?"

"You're kidding me!" This would be the second weekend his yardwork plans would be foiled.

It turned out fine. Barrett slept for hours and Will tagged along outside. Meanwhile, I rode with Kathleen and my mom to the shower. It was a "Mystery Shower", a very creative idea. Two guests at each table were characters in the mystery, and I was one, too. I wasn't the thief... and as it turned out, no one correctly even guessed the thief, but it was still fun. The food was delicious. The bride looked beautiful! It was fun.

But I got home TIRED. When the kids woke up from the nap Brian had put them down for, I was short on patience, especially when Will began to melt down because he wanted a banana and they were all green. Once we settled on an alternate snack, and we all ate, I think all three of us felt better. "Mommy, can you play blocks with me and build a city?" asked Will. But when I offered the chance to take a walk outside, he danced around a bit. "Wet's go outside with Daddy!"

We went upstairs to change Barrett and grab sweaters. While the kids played in the bedroom, I stopped in the bathroom. I'm a compulsive test taker (hello, 12¢ Amazon test strips) and I'd already taken a few the week before. Negatives, all. But it had occurred to me today that I was a bit late. I took the cheap test strip and watched the ink appear. At first it was like all the others, one dark control line. But as the ink settled, I saw another finer line appear.

Pregnant. "Unbelievable," I said to myself, smiling. I was sure it hadn't worked this month.

We visited Brian in the barn. He was finishing up a bench for the hallway. He got some great old barn wood beams when they demolished an old barn at his workplace, and he's making benches for the house. This one, his first, was turning out beautiful. Will ran up to him. "Daddy, we're gonna have a baby soon!" Brian looked at me with big eyes and I nodded with a "you got that right" look.

"That's great news!" he said, hugging us all. "That's awesome! I bet it's a girl."

"Well, we'll find out in December."

The kids and I took a walk down to the culvert, where we met a frog who eventually left us to go be with his friends in the swamp. Will yelled after him, "Bye, froggy! Go be with your friends! Have a good time!" Back home, we stopped at the pond for Will to throw rocks in the water. I'm looking forward to Barrett being able to walk; he'll get to throw rocks too instead of sitting on my back. We told Daddy all about the frog. We looked for more frogs.

It was a wonderful day.

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  1. What?! That day! You found out that day? And Brian was right!!! Wow I feel like I'm reading a novel, My Sister's Life: The Unspoken. Hahaha maybe less dramatic, but it seriously does feel like it.