Thursday, April 2, 2015

Beginning of April

Will, doing a 'big job' for Daddy and carrying his hammer back to the barn: "This is reawwy (really) heavy. I'm not free (3) years old, I fink I need a ride."

"Mommy, can you way (lay) with me? Thank you. Can I kiss you?"

When the boys go upstairs, Will runs to the top and lays on his belly waiting for slow-moving Barrett to climb, yelling, "Barrett, poke my nose! Poke my nose, Barrett!" Despite this routine multiple times a day, Barrett has never 'poked his nose' nor even understands what Will wants him to do.

I can always tell when Will has a chocolate craving because he'll run up to me and say, "I fink I need to go pee and get some M&Ms."

Last night Will was calling me. "Mom, you there? Mom? MAEGAN?" He'll also call me and Brian "guys": "Guys, I fink my sausage is a wittle bit too hot. Can you blow it down?"

He loves "belly zerberts" from the book Mimi. Last night after the FINAL TWO, NO MORE WILL - he asked for "an eye belly zerbert? a face belly zerbert? a cheek belly zerbert?"

Every night I ask Will three questions. But now he anticipates it and prompts me to ask them: "Somefing that made me smile." Will, what's something that made you smile today? "Daddy made me smile. Somefing I wearned (learned) today." What's something you learned today? "Uncle Joel and Uncle Maffew frow (throw) gummies in their mouths. Somefing that made me sad." What's something that made you sad today? "Barrett made me sad." Why did Barrett make you sad? "Because we saw the orange and yellow tractor at the store. Can we do that again?"

The answers are ALWAYS the same and I have no idea what tractor he saw at the store! Or why that has anything to do with Barrett! And the gummies-in-their-mouths thing was several weeks ago, a silly moment at a family dinner that has now been etched on his brain. And I guess Daddy is the only thing that makes him smile!

Barrett is so resourceful. When Will was his age, if he encountered an obstacle, he'd whimper and cry for me and of course I'd come running to help him. Barrett doesn't do that. He figures it out himself. I think I can mostly attribute this to first child/second child dynamic. A couple nights ago, as Will and I were playing on the floor, I noticed that Will had left three chocolate chips on his little white table in the playroom. Didn't want them, I guess? Or wanted to save them for later? Anyway, I knew Barrett would soon be joining us in the room so I shoved them to the back of the table (it's up against a wall) so he couldn't reach them from any of the sides. There were other toys on the table so I wasn't sure if Barrett would even spot the three tiny brown chocolate chips. Well, of course he did. I watched him out of the corner of my eye as Will and I built with blocks. He immediately threw the toys onto the floor and focused on those three chips. I doubt he even knew what they were, but they were small and brown (like woodchips and dog food) so of course he wanted them. He stretched his arm as far as he could reach, grunting a bit, but the chips were too far back. I heard him make a small whimper of complaint but he didn't stop. Holding onto the table, he shuffled his way around to another side. Same extended reach, same little grunt, no luck. Undaunted, he shuffled all the way back around to the third side. Three strikes and it was clear he couldn't reach them. The table was just big enough and the chocolate chips were just out of his reach on all three sides. So then he reached down, pulled out the chair and pushed it away, and then started to heft and haul and grunt and move the table away from the wall. It's not a very heavy table but I expect it was for him. In about 30 seconds he had wedged himself between the wall and the fourth side. The chocolate chips were easily within reach, and he ate them with glee. His eyes sparkled.

Last night we were in the basement, I was doing a workout and the boys were playing and Brian was busy with something and Barrett was riding his little truck. His feet tough the ground but he doesn't know how to push and roll. Instead he "walks" it around, dragging the front of it and lifting and thumping the back wheels. The whole time he was making loud raspberry noises for the engine. I could have died from the cuteness. He's such SUCH a cuddlebug. On Sunday he wasn't well enough to go to nursery (snotting all over) so I sat out in the vestibule with him. He squirmed a bit on my lap but I told him no  and like the easygoing little guy he is, he sat still and FELL ASLEEP on my lap! His sickness has continued, pretty nasty congestion, and when he wakes in the night and I go upstairs to help him, he presses his face up to mine as if to reassure himself that I'm there.

I am so in love with him. With both of them. Sometimes I look at my kids like a lovesick girl. They are so cute and wonderful and funny and sweet. Sometimes I look at them and I know I am 110% "mom face". "I know you didn't mean to throw your food on the floor, Will."

I call them my two dudes and Will has started saying that too. Last night in the basement Brian put his arms around me and we watched the kids play and Bo shoved his face in between our legs and I was just blown away that we had made this little family. It seemed almost sudden. We have a family.

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