Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Picture That Makes Me Laugh

Brian and I were spending an evening with Bo, admiring his mass of wrinkly skin, his soft, hairy face, and his fat little tummy.

(Hmm. I reckon that comment would be disgusting if Bo was a person, not a dog.)

Anyway, in a burst of sentimentality, I grabbed the camera to take a few family photos.

"Make him sit next to you," I told Brian. "I want to get a few pictures of you two."

So Bo sat beside Brian and looked at the camera with his big boxer grin. And I pressed the button down halfway and allowed the camera to focus...

... and just then, Bo farted. A full, loud, human-sounding fart.

And we laughed, did you hear that?! And Bo's big boxer grin disappeared and a look of pained embarrassment came over his face and he turned to see if Brian had heard him.

Yup, we heard you, big guy.

Anyway, here are a few more captured memories.

Now I can take them off my hard drive.

Happy Thursday!

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