Monday, March 22, 2010

Blue Monday

Yesterday evening, my computer shut off.

Just went dead.

I had known the end was near for the old girl, but I hadn't realized how close it was.

I panicked at the thought of saying goodbye so suddenly, of losing all the memories I'd stored in her hard drive.

"Don't panic," said Brian. "It's probably just the power cord."

"I would know if it was that!" I insisted. "I would know if it was the power cord. No. It's worse than that. This is bad. What am I going to do?"

"Take it to the repair shop tomorrow and see," he replied calmly. "I guarantee you it's the power cord."

"Well," I huffed, "I guarantee you it's NOT."

Well, it was. It was the power cord.

So until I get my new power cord in the mail, posting will be light. Ah, this daily-blog run I had going wasn't destined to last, I reckon.

Oh, folks. The Wonder Wife is blue this evening, and not because of the power cord or a failed diet. For once, the far edges of my comfort zone are being frayed by pain and it's difficult to see, even from my perch. A family that I know is breaking apart, and I love those kids. And I keep imagining their faces, eager and honest and smart enough to understand that things aren't the way they should be, and I keep crying.

And another family has lost a son, a friend of ours, a brother in Christ. And although we know where he is, I can't imagine that their moment is any less painful than for those who grieve without hope. After all, life seems long at these times. Long and painful and full of tears.

And all over the nation, the sober-minded are grieving the loss of freedom. We were careless with our rights, and now they're being stolen.

The joy of the Lord is our strength, true, but God also told us there's a time to mourn, to be sober, to grieve. I'm doing that tonight.

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