Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Today a friend asked me how we were doing. My auto-response was, "Good!" But it took me a moment to remember what we've been doing for the last couple weeks. I felt like somehow, I'd misplaced fourteen days of my life. Where did that time go?

Perhaps the sight of tiny, meandering ants in my kitchen has got my brain a little scrambled. At least they're small, but there's something unsettling about opening a drawer or two and seeing something crawling amidst the silverware or the placemats. I can't tell you how many tiny lives I've ended with my index finger, rinsing their broken bodies off under the faucet with a shudder. And for the life of me, I can't figure out where the heck they're coming from. The empty, dormant dishwasher, perhaps? (After a round with the Black Flag last week, I finally ordered a replacement gasket to see if that's the problem for the leak. I have GOT to fix that thing.)

And far be it from me to claim a crumb-free kitchen, but I do NOT leave open containers of food in my cupboards! I've cleaned the kitchen out quite a few times to ensure that nothing is attracting them. I promise! Brian looked at me suspiciously last night, and said, "They're probably getting into your baking stuff, honey." No! Not true! I've got airtight containers and everything!

(Hmm. Maybe fighting this ANT WAR is what I've been doing the past two weeks.)

Anyway, with some babysitting here and there, work projects piling up like dog hair, last-minute landscaping endeavors, and regular house stuff to be done, I've been a little busy. (Cue the frizzy, frazzled Maegan at 5:30 PM: "Hi, babe! Um, for dinner, we can have - pickles or omelets!")

And not to mention that it's SPRING 'round these parts, which always presents (along with random hand-picked blooms presented to me by Brian) a huge PULL to be out in the yard, planting seeds and transplanting shrubs and planning my garden! This year, I've finally got space to cultivate some flower beds, and I could spend all day long outside doing that. At least until the end of the week, when the temperature will get to the high eighties. (Um, no joke.)

But you're not here to read the rambling rush of whatever my brain's generating right now. You want some powerful Wonder Wife tips! Well.

Fine, then. If that's what you want.

Um, I've got nothing today. (I don't even have a helpful ant bait review. None of mine are working.)

But please, let me direct you to learn from my friend Candice (at The Morse Mixing Bowl), who is (I suspect) a Wonder Wife in her own right. Ladies and gentlemen, how to spend less than $80 for two weeks worth of groceries.

What the what?! Insane. I'm going to print that out and find me my nearest Trader Joe's.


  1. we have those stupid ants too!!!! And I have been keeping food's the time of yr. :)

  2. You live in a forest in North Carolina. The ants were there before you!:)I'll go visit Candice now for a bit--thanks!

  3. Thanks for the blog "shout out", Maegan. Let me know how your trip to Trader Joe's goes.

    About those ants, we use essential oils in our house to ward off the ants and spiders. Shoot me an email if you are interested in more details.

  4. Thanks guys. You have made me feel loads better. Candice, I was about to email you... and then we found the ant problem. Crystallized ginger stuck in the back of the pantry. Who knew?! So once we got rid of that and doubled our baits... they went away. I'm going to email you anyway. Essential oils might be a good preventative for next spring. Thanks!