Tuesday, March 16, 2010

They're back!

When it's not hunting season, Brian is still on the lookout for deer. He is dedicated.

So until early fall, instead of shooting at them with a bow and arrow, he uses a camera. When the digital zoom gets too fuzzy, he grabs his binoculars and uses them as a makeshift telephoto lens. Yup, dedicated.

And although these are pictures of the herd of whitetail that stampeded our yard LAST year, I have a very strong feeling that we'll see just as many in 2010...

...judging from the pile of deer pellets I found in the yard a few days ago.

And the half-eaten appearance of the shrubs I so lovingly planted in the fall.

Oh, dear Lord, let hunting season be here soon. My budget only allows for so much Critter Ridder.

I have to admit, though - as common and annoying as they are, deer are sort of thrilling to see.


  1. Maegan, you are an AMAZING woman. You are surely the Wonder Wife. I've been married for almost ten years and I don't even come close to touching your wonderfulness! I don't know how you do it! Hope you are having a wonderful day! ~Melissa

  2. Girl, you are WAY too kind! I am the Wonder Wife because a.) I don't have any kids, and b.) I am secretly NOT a Wonder Wife at all! Ask Brian. :) Anyway, thank you.

  3. I love this! and Brian singing to Bo...

    love, Bit!