Friday, March 12, 2010

Wonder Wife Tip of the Day: How I've memorized all of the epistles!

I spend a lot of time doing dishes. Being the Wonder Wife, I love to cook, love to get the kitchen messy...

... and absolutely loathe cleaning up.

So something I've learned to do recently is use this time to do something more than scrub and rinse. While I deal with this:

I look at the chunk of scripture I've taped to my kitchen window.

This has helped me memorize a lot of the Bible. Maybe not all of the epistles, fine, but a lot more than I ever have.

And it's done something else. It's made this nightly chore more of a meditative ritual than a tiresome burden. I don't know if I'll ever enjoy doing dishes, but at least I can multitask in the meantime.

I am, after all, the Wonder Wife!

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