Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wonder Wife Power Tool: Clorox Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner

When we were building this house, every new part of the process was a thrill. From seeing the first supply truck back in to watching the thick basement walls lowered into place with a crane, each moment was exciting.

For Brian, who had worked tirelessly to make this lot suitable for building, each moment was a hold-your-breath-and-prepare-for-the-worst moment. Sure, he was excited - but for him, I reckon it was the kind of excitement you find in a haunted house, expecting something terrifying to jump out at you around the next corner. In this case, the "something terrifying" might be a crooked, dirty contractor, an HVAC guy who didn't know what the heck he was doing, or a money-sucking project that had originally been allotted a rather small piece of the budget pie.

Getting hooked up to the city sewer system in a neighborhood of septic tanks was a nightmare, an absolute horror of epic proportions. But thankfully, we wouldn't have to worry about getting hooked up to city water. We were going to have well water. Nice and easy! Right?

WRONG! Drilling our well was, for Brian, WAY terrifying.

Expecting to hit water at around 150 feet, the drill instead found only a trickle. The guys asked if we wanted to keep drilling, and Brian said sure.

He thought we might hit water at 200 feet.

Or 300 feet.

Or 350 feet.

Or 400 feet.

Or, GEE, maybe 450 feet?

But nope! The drill kept drilling, adding money to the project with every twelve inches, down to five hundred feet. Yup, that was a money-sucking project, all right.

Now that we're moved in, past the haunted house of construction mishaps and building nightmares, we're happy about our super-deep well. North Carolina drought? It's all good! BRING IT ON!

But one thing I never expected to see was the effect that well water would have on my toilets. MAN! The black! The orange! And within just a day or two of cleaning them!

I figured I'd just learn to live with the mold clean my toilets every other day. Until my wonderful neighbor Kim told me about Clorox® Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner drop-in tablets. You lift the top off the toilet tank, drop one in, and BAM! Never clean your toilet again!

Well, until the tablet dissolves and you need a new one. I have that date scheduled on my cell phone.

Sorry, mom, I admit it! I haven't scrubbed my toilet bowls in weeks!

Now, I love me some Shaklee natural cleaning products, but these Clorox drop-ins are little powerhouses I welcome into my home. They last for months, bringing the fresh and wonderful smell of bleach (Ah! I love the smell of bleach!) whenever the toilet is flushed.

And best of all, these little guys keep my toilets white as the driven snow. Now, like Kim, I keep a stock of them with my cleaning supplies.

No haunted-house toilets here.


  1. Sounds like something I need! We have well water too, and there are orange rings in my toilets that I can't seem to get out, even with bleach. Maybe the tablets will work with continual action.

  2. glad you use them. they rock, huh? Love them! Love Shaklee too - but love my bleach tabs. HA