Tuesday, April 19, 2016

"Can Neva lay next to me?"

One of William's very favorite things to do in the morning is relaxing in bed while his baby sister lays next to him and I get Barrett ready. Will is so gentle and sweet with her. I hear him giggle over in the corner, "Mom, she punched me in the face! Mom, her hands are so beautiful. Her hands are so tiny. Hi, little Neva." And of course he smiles at her, a funny little 3 year old smile: tight-lipped, no teeth, squinty eyes. I guess that's how he thinks you make a smile. No matter, Neva loves it and beams back at him. I wonder if these two will be thick as thieves. He adores her. When he tells her she looks beautiful, I ask him, "William, will you tell her she's beautiful when she's six and you are nine? When she's 10 and you're 13?" He always says, "Yes!"

Then Barrett barrels over and clambers up onto the bed, bringing a whirlwind of dangerous two year old energy, always somehow managing to avoid elbowing poor Neva in the face, while scooping his little hands together - "hold Bay Girl?!" - and trying to pick up her arm or head. She beams at him too.

Oh! These are really happy days!

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