Monday, April 25, 2016


Barrett, for whom coloring is a tactile, sensory, AND culinary experience, accidentally gave himself lipstick. (pink marker)
"Barrett, I have told you not to put the markers in your mouth. I wish you could see how ridiculous you look."
He did it again! Now he is goth!
This was a fabulous day. Will figured out how to fetch them buckets of water on his own. They had a glorious time playing in it all. Even I had fun joining in.
Like a pro. Will said today, "Mom, playing in the mud is my favorite thing to do."
This marks a new day. The kids are becoming more and more self sufficient.
Neva was NOT happy to be stuck in here, but I needed to shower!

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  1. How quickly time passes! And you are very patient with muddy boys :-)