Wednesday, April 20, 2016


This one turned out the best, I think...
Okay, maybe "squirrels" isn't appropriate, but it came to mind. The assistant at my dentist's office told me that her pastor said , "When you're trying to get a family picture with small kids, it's like trying to get a group of squirrels to hold still and smile for you." My kids weren't moving all over the place, but they were having trouble smiling at the same time or not putting their hands in mouths. It's my blog and it's free storage, so I guess I'll just post 'em all.

Bonus Will Quote:
While playing "doctor" and giving me a checkup, Will says: "Okay, Mom, open your mouth. I need to check and see if there's any breath."
Me, surprised: "Oh, my. Was there any breath?"
Will: "A little, but I fixed it."

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  1. I love these! Barrett looks like he is dying of laughter!