Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tuesday Tribulation

I asked William to go fill up the dog dish and he headed off into the pantry to complete this regular chore. I went upstairs to change Neva's diaper, and I brought Barrett with me, since he tends to always get in Will's way (wanting to help his big brother, of course) and usually causes him to spill it on the floor. (I have picked up much dog food since William started doing this job, but it's always been Barrett's fault so I can't blame him.) A minute later, I heard Will hollering for me. William is always hollering for me so I didn't pay too much attention. When he didn't stop hollering, I called to him to come upstairs and tell me what was wrong. In a minute he was standing next to me telling me that he had "had an accident" and that some of Bo's dog food had spilled on the floor. "I need you and Barrett and Neva to come help me," he said cheerfully. I told him, "Well, buddy, you need to start picking it up with your hands." He headed back downstairs; I just knew he probably wouldn't clean it up very well, but I told myself that at least he could start. I called after him, "Hey, tell Bo to come help you clean it up."

As we were coming back downstairs I heard William squeal excitedly that Bo was helping him clean it up. Then he said, "Mom I need a broom to sweep this up. I need the vacuum." I called back to him, "No, first pick it up with your hands, and then we can vacuum and sweep." I turned the corner to see him holding the damp mop in his hand. He had gotten it from the laundry room closet but there was no cover on the end so he was basically just sticking a long plastic piece into the pantry. I don't know what he thought he was doing with it, but I sure wish I had a picture of him jabbing it into the pantry so industriously. 

I turned the next corner and saw this. Barrett, walking in front of me, let out a dramatic GASP! I hurried to snap a picture; I knew if I texted it to Brian, he would laugh, and I would be able to laugh, too. It's funny now, but at the moment my tooth was really hurting (temporary crown issues have been plaguing me) and so far everything had gone "wrong" that morning. I sighed and told myself not to get mad. I said in a very quiet voice, "I need you guys to just go play and not come in here." Bo I was loving it, of course, and I had to give him his own bowl of food over on the other side of the table to get him to leave me alone.

This next morning, I can't stop laughing at the memory of Will jabbing that plastic blade into the pantry, trying to clean up this mess.

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  1. There was that other time Will spilled it everywhere when I was there. Hahaha love it "industriously" - great description.