Thursday, April 14, 2016

Selfie City

When Neva woke up from her nap today, I brought her downstairs and walked into the living room where the boys were playing. I said, "Look who's awake!" They both cried, "Neva!" and ran to hug and kiss her. Barrett often asks to hold her but his pronouns are mixed up and he always says, "Hold this? Hold him? Hold bay girl?"

Today I had a moment that I envisioned the second I had two boys. They were running around the house in their shirts and underwear (Barrett had tripped over Bo's water dish, soaking them both), each holding a piece of a pool noodle (used to support my long boots in my closet, but which had obviously been taken for another purpose). They were running around the first floor wildly shooting at each other. They would run up the stairs and shoot each other. Barrett would good-naturedly die. He was wearing a hat of Brian's, a baseball hat that hung over his eyes and made it hard for him to see, but he wouldn't take it off. They happily played at guns for a good 15 minutes straight with no screaming or arguing. I sat and nursed the baby and just smiled at them.

Tonight's dinner was tuna melts, French fries, and green beans. Were it not for those gloriously motivating fries, nothing else would've been eaten. Picky kids!

Will loves to pretend that he's racing Kurtis, Piper and Paisley, or Mattias.  Barrett isn't quite good enough to be real competition yet.
Barrett 'trick riding.'
See his little mouth? He's in the middle of saying "See picture???" He has the most adorable little S lisp, and when he asks for food ("hassome?"), it sounds like "hathsome?"
Will is pumped from racing "all my friends."
Haha! Neva had just woken up and was in no mood to pose.
You can't tell, but Barrett is in the midst of singing "Happy Birthday" for some reason.
I guess he must have thought we were filming a video for one of our family members.
Will ALWAYS asks, "Can you come down in the basement with Neva and sit on the step and WATCH us?" When I do this simple thing, he races so fast and furiously that I am actually impressed!
Neva's pre-bedtime 7pm catnap. Doesn't she look like she's smiling in her sleep?
I get the feeling she's saying, "Lets make a deal here. I want you to hold me. You stop putting me in this stupid bouncer, and I will nurse forever. Deal? I make good deals. The best deals."

"I did it! I made a picture of my friend Kurtis!!!" Even more excited was ME, since this was the FIRST TIME EVER he had drawn a picture of people he knows!
"This is me and my friend Kurtis, when Kurtis was big and I was a baby."
Saying hello to Auntie Erin.

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