Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Art Project That Took Many Turns

First, I set the boys up with paint smocks, brushes, and paint. Then they wanted their junk painting cars so we got those out too. They happily painted the cars and painted WITH the cars, for quite a while, going through two large sheets of paper and about a cup of paint. They painted the "engines" and wheels and drove them all over the paper. Ditching the brushes, they finger painted and got paint all over their hands. Then they realized they had paint all over their hands and they both freaked out. So with some soapy water and a couple of warm washcloths, I was wiping them down nicely when they started eyeing the bowl of hot soapy water and asking if they could wash their cars in it. I got them each their own bowl of soapy water and they washed their cars, which took at least 20 minutes. When the soapy water was dark blue and mucky, Barrett started asking for fish to play in his water. Well I didn't have any toy fish but I had some toy ducks. I dumped out the bowl of mucky, soapy water and filled it with clear water. Then I had the idea to give him some food coloring to mix around, so each of the boys now had a bowl of warm clear water with food coloring. They happily played with that for at least 20 or 25 minutes, drinking it and mixing it and making "water soup" (William). Then all the warm water and all the water-drinking caught up with Barrett and he stood up and urgently told me he had to pee, about 2 seconds before he started peeing all over his chair. I cleaned up the pee and then put a huge towel under his now-naked butt and they continued playing with the water until Barrett dumped his whole bowl on the floor. (I expected that to happen a LOT sooner than it did.) The floor got a good mopping while William and Barrett both stood, now naked, on a towel, waiting for their baths. The art project finished up with a long bath upstairs and before I knew it, we were ready for lunch and nap time.

We played "jail" outside tonight. The boys sat on a porch step while I guarded the "jail," holllering, "NO ONE GETS OUT OF MY JAIL!" They'd run their little butts as fast as they could down to a tree at the bottom of the hill while I chased them and tried to tag them before they got there. It was a blast, and we would have played all evening had Neva not been all needy with her baby needz.

Speaking of my sweet girl, she is changing so quickly. She has a bright personality and really loves to talk and laugh. I dance around with her and sing,

Lavender's blue, dilly dilly,

Lavender's green

You are my princess, my dilly,

I am your queen.

The boys love watching this.

Today Barrett told me, randomly, that Aunt Katie was in our shower.

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  1. Haha it reminds me of those books, "If you give a Moose a muffin..."