Tuesday, April 12, 2016


I took these pictures to prove that the morning of April 11th was one of the nastiest I've ever seen. Mud and slush everywhere. And yet, by 2 p.m., it was 60 degrees, everything had melted, and the sun was shining. I took the boys out on the porch so I could wash some windows. They ran around on the squishy grass as William exclaimed, "It's a day for running! It's an April day! It's a day of the week! It's a day for running!" He yelled everything he could think of that could express his joy at being outside.

William is getting better and better everyday at tracing his letters. I decided to do a worksheet a day and it's amazing in just the span of a week the progress he's made. I would think in a couple of weeks he probably won't need to trace them anymore. In these pictures he's yelling, "I'm getting better and better everyday!" Every time I tell him to do a worksheet he says, "But I don't know my letters. I'm not good at my letters." I want him to see that he is learning and he is improving all the time!

Today was actually an incredibly draining day. I don't know what it is about some days, but I just did not feel equipped to deal with the constant arguing, complaining, whining, and fighting. Neva is a bright spot in every day. She is pure sunshine, and she is 4 months old today!

As I'm writing this blog I just witnessed another bird killed by running into my clean windows. I've got to put up the screen tomorrow.

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