Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Me: "Will, do you want to listen to some music?"
Will: "Mmhmm."
Me: "What do you want to listen to?" (I list some options, none of which are Christmas music.)
Will: "Christmas music." 
A boy after my own heart.

Two hours before naptime, Barrett was already asking for a nap. He was quite tired. Who knows why? When it was finally naptime, Neva was needing a diaper change, so I brought them both upstairs and tucked him in before I changed her. And even though I was talking and singing to her, he turned his head away and went to sleep without even trying to get out of bed once.

Whenever I read a book to Barrett, he says softly, "Tur' page," every time we turn the page. He pronounces it like "beige."

Barrett is obsessed with "bees," whether real or imaginary. He's always "spotting them (pretty much always imaginary, actually) and "holding" them in his hands. I have petted many imaginary "nice" bees lately.

Will has developed quite an interest in soccer over the past couple of days. While I work in the garden, he spends time practicing his dropkicks. (Barrett gathers rocks, drops them into random places, then mutters, "MY rocks," as He fishes them out.) Will yells, "I'm going to score 20 home runs!" I keep reminding him that in soccer you score a goal. He says, "I drop the ball and then I kick it with my left foot." He actually kicks it with his right.

As I kissed him goodnight tonight, Will whispered, "Mom, thanks for everything." I said, "Thank YOU for all the ways you help me, all the ways you help Barrett and Neva, all the things you do for us. You are really getting to be my big helper." He said, "Thanks. I help and I help and I help and I help and I help..." his voice trailed off.

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