Thursday, April 7, 2016

William, almost four.

Tonight William and Barrett stood on the sidewalk, holding hands outside the library while I put Neva and our bags into the car. He looked around at a swirl of snow on April 7th. As I grimaced in the weather he shouted, "Mom, what a beautiful day!"

"Mom, let's read ALL of these Berenstain Bears!!!"

Barrett got a bandaid on his knee today. And not just any Band-Aid. A Lightning McQueen Band-Aid! He hiked his pants up over his knee so he could perpetually stare at it. (Eventually he just took his pants completely off, as pictured.) And William was just so genuinely happy for him. "Wow, Barrett! Barrett, it's so shiny. Barrett, I'm so glad you like it!"


 And picking out a movie at the library, William kept trying to pick out a movie "that you will like, Mom." He kept gravitating to the animated Barbie movies with names like Fairytopia and Mermaidia. I finally said, "William, if you want to watch those movies we can get them for you, but those just aren't my kind of movie." We picked out Brave, which I haven't seen. He is really into pretty girls with pretty dresses.

He's improving on his worksheets so quickly.

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  1. What daily treasures! So neat that you're capturing these Maegan :-)