Saturday, September 13, 2014

Today, Part II

I feel like Barrett needs a little attention on this blog. Let's admire how cute he was when I fed him his baby food.

He was really hungry tonight, which explains the bit of teariness and his rather crazed expression.

Between bites, if I don't move quickly enough, he gets impatient.

He's very keen on broccoli-potato. For the record, I used to find pictures of kids with food all over their faces gross, but now I'm a mom and I get it.

Suddenly, Will enters the room and all hunger vanishes.

Food? What food?
I suppose I'll eat if I can watch at the same time.
Barrett! Barrett?
Tonight, Brian took Will to Meijer to get a movie. Barrett was very tired, so he stayed behind for me to put him to bed.

He was quite slap-happy, rolling around on the bed in his diaper. He alternated between being mesmerized by the light fixture and rolling around on the bed, getting up on all fours and screeching, "Dada, dada!"

Believe it or not, after this he went RIGHT to sleep!

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