Sunday, September 7, 2014


Barrett swimming in a bucket. This actually isn't from today, it's from 9/5. Kick me.
When Will counts, he always skips the number three. Only three!

Will loves names. He learns someone's name as soon as possible and loves to use it. When the NY relatives were here, he loved yelling out their names. Aunt Kay! Uncle Phil! Uncle John! Aunt Bit!

Barrett is a big mushy bundle of lovable chub. He played on the floor with Duplos with me and Will. When I had to run to the bathroom, I overheard Barrett whimper, and I heard Will say to him (in broken toddler talk), "It's okay, Barrett. Don't be scared, mama's right here."

This may have been one of the last days to play in the water. Will loves to "get all wet!" He danced under the hose today with his hands in the air.

We've been kind of unfaithful lately with family worship. It's been here and there. Tonight we worshiped and Will played tambourine. When we sang a slower song, he played the tambourine for a bit, then put it on his head for awhile and looked around. Then, just when I was about to remind him, he put it down and raised his hands! On his own! And Barrett was wiggling in Brian's arms so much that I could hear Brian chuckling the whole time. Worship is almost pointless for me at this point in my life because I am always laughing at my kids.

Tonight is the fourth night they'll spend in the same room. So far, it's going surprisingly well.... but we had company here all weekend, which meant tired out boys and sporadic naptimes. We'll see how it goes tomorrow, when we're back to normal!

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