Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Used baking soda instead of baking powder in my banana bread. Three big loaves, pale and sunken. RATS. Forgot stuff for Brian's lunches at the store. Double rats.

Will, looking for something: "Oh! Orange one?" ..... "Oh! 'Ere is."

Will, with sand toy bucket on his head: "Aunt Becca! My hardhat."

Becca came over today, went to the grocery store with me, listened to me ramble, and loved on the kids. Told me a hilarious story about her shooting a pistol on her vacation up north. Pretty sure I couldn't convey the humor here, so I won't try.

Potty training. More on that later. Anyway, since Will's been freaking out when I ask him to try to pee, I've been rewarding with one gummy for one "good" try (twenty seconds, counted slowly). It took him an entire day to realize how he could play this to his advantage. After a REAL pee, which earned him two gummies, he wanted MORE. "We'll get more gummies when we go pee pee again," I said. He thought for a second, then declared, "I go potty, ok." He walked back to his potty, sat, and said, "One, two, four, twenty." He stood up and announced, "Okay! Good try! More gummies?"

Will, upon opening his new big boy underwear, fell in LOVE. He wanted to try on each pair. "I try my tractors." Then: admiring them, admiring himself in the mirror, patting his tummy, patting the underwear with his hands. Talking to them: "Hi, big boy underwear! 'Hey, Will!'" Then: "Oh! I try my planes. Oh! No! I try my boats." Can you try to imagine how manly a two year old can fancy himself? We are talking BIG STUFF.

Barrett, ever so sweetly: "Da. Da." This boy enjoys getting tickled to the MAX. What a great laugh!

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