Monday, September 8, 2014


Playing on the floor: Mommy, come play fu. Mommy, come playfu my Duplos.
Riding the Meijer horse, yelling to a cartoon stuffed toy in his line of sight: Guy! I climb up by self!
After dumping his chips by accident: Oh my! What happened?

Mommy (at grocery store): We need teriyaki sauce. Where's the teriyaki sauce??
Will, calling out loudly: Yucky applesauce, whare you?? Yucky applesauce, where are you?

Will had the hardest time going to the bathroom last night. At one point I thought, "I should know this by now. If something's going well, don't blog about it." Anyway, I must have sat with him for an hour, first reading books to him on his big boy [little boy] potty and then sitting with him on the toilet. Every time something was about to happen, he'd tense up and freak out. "Mommy, mommy, mommy!" After an hour, we called it quits. During storytime on the bed around 7:45, he said he needed to go try again, but at some point within the next two minutes he fell off the bed onto his head. (I'll never forget it: "Will, be careful, be careful, becareful-!" BANG.) He got really, really worked up and it took a while for him to calm down. Going potty after that was not successful.... big shocker. Still, we tried for at least 30 minutes.

At 10:45, about 20 minutes after we'd fallen asleep, Barrett was awake! WHAT. First time in almost six months. I nursed him and laid him back down. About a half hour later, more crying. Barrett? Nope, Will. I overheard him on the monitor, crying, "Momma, change my diaper."

Poor guy... he STILL hadn't gone. He thought the discomfort would go away if I changed him. "Let's sit on the potty," I urged him. We sat together and shortly he began panicking again. It took him about fifteen minutes of wailing, almost at the top of his lungs, to work up the courage. I was sure the entire house would be awake. (It wasn't.) I was so proud of him when he was done, and he was exhausted.

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