Thursday, September 11, 2014


Will, at the park: "Bye, slide!" [In response to himself, in a low voice:] "See ya, little buddy."

Will likes to pick out what shirts I wear. He always picks either my navy and white striped t-shirt OR my very similar black and white striped t-shirt. He likes stripes, I guess.

The Ergo got a lot of use again today. Poor Barrett.

At bedtime, now that they're in the same room, I pray with Will, lay him down, go pick a whimpering Barrett back up out of his bed, and sit in the dark and nurse him in the rocking chair. When I finish and lay him back down to sleep, I hear Will whispering, "Mama, nurse Barrett in chair 'gain." I tell him Barrett's all done, which makes him think for a minute. Then he says, "Mama no talk monitor?" I ask, "Do you want me to talk to you on the monitor?" He quickly answers; "No."  "Okay," I whisper to him. "I won't. Good night, buddy. I love you. Momma's here if you need me."

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