Tuesday, September 2, 2014


William loves The Napping House. Unfortunately he also loves the CD of related music that came with the library book. He especially loves track six, where the granny sings, "See how the sun's a-shinin', the birds are singin' in the trees. The day's awaitin' for playmates - come out and play with me!" The whole CD is obnoxious (except for the reading of the story on track 1 which is why I ever played it to begin with), but I now intentionally play the CD because it is painfully cute how much he loves track 6. He'll say quickly, with a cheesy smile as though he's asking for a great favor, "Mama... See-girl-see-trees?"

This is so cute that I purposely let the song play through into track seven, "Catch a Piece of a Rainbow," which is the worst of all of them, just so he'll run back into the kitchen with that cheesy grin and ask again, "Um, play... play.... play... see-girl-see-trees?"

Will's s's are still silent. Instead of "Bo sniffing," it's "Bo 'niffin'". Instead of "swimming," he says, "I'm 'wimmin'."

Will has started hugging me impulsively.

We sat on the porch after naptime with the puppet Red. Will kept tipping her over onto her face and I'd pretend to be her voice and yowl in aggravation. Will died laughing every time. Then Red smelled popcorn on Barrett and sniffed all over him, looking for it, and it tickled! And Barrett laughed and curled himself into a fat ball, trying to grab her.

Barrett was so exhausted after his bath. I wanted to put him to bed right away, but Will announced that he had to poop. Brian took Barrett downstairs to hold him off until I could nurse him, and I must've sat with Will for almost ten minutes before calling it quits and putting him to bed. Barrett cried for a few minutes, but by the time I got downstairs, he was quiet. I walked into our bedroom to find Barrett, on his belly on our bed, with the lights on, fast asleep with thumb in mouth.

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