Friday, September 19, 2014

With the sound of music...

We do a lot of singing around here.

I'm always singing. Sometimes Will even says, "Mommy no singin'." (I wasn't quite sure what to do about that at first, so I usually just stopped. I told Brian about it, adding that I didn't know what to do, when Brian said, "That's ridiculous! He can't say that to you. Tell him if he says that again he's getting in trouble.") So now when Will says that, I reply, "Daddy doesn't want you to say that, Will." But then I usually stop anyway because... I'm not going to sing if I'm annoying everyone in the room.

But I digress.

So with all the singing we do around here, I've been eagerly anticipating hearing William start to sing himself. I read somewhere that kids will often start singing as soon as they can talk. But Will hasn't. He hasn't sung at all, except for this one instance, and has been tunefully mute ever since.

Well, as of a couple of days ago, I'm happy to announce that the silence has been broken! And with what better song than "Happy Birthday," sung spontaneously to no one in particular? Except my birthday is just around the corner, so let's go with that.

A day or two later, he was singing again, this time the current favorite "see girl see trees." And doing a mighty fine job at it, too.

As a mom, you're with your kid all the time. You know what they can do and what they can't (yet). And when they do something AMAZING, like singing "Happy Birthday", it makes you all kinds of excited because they've never done that before! Only when you tell someone about this incredible, amazing, spectacular feat... they don't get it! They think it's nice, they think it's cute... but they don't realize how REALLY SPECIAL it was!

So if you, out there, are reading this and thinking, "Ok, I guess that's good, but it is really that big a deal?" I say, "To me, friend. It is to me."

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