Saturday, September 6, 2014


New York relatives here... met Imogen and Linden and snuggled them both. Talked to Erin and Bit late into the night. How can I describe how much joy they all bring me?

When I tell Will to close his eyes, he has to hold his hands up to his face for it to "work."

Barrett loves me. I can just tell. He wants to eat my face, and I want to eat his chubby legs. We love each other.

Spontaneous trip to Bald Mt St Park beach on this 90 degree day. The water was perfectly shallow for yards. Will played with his uncles Joe, Phil, Tom, and John B, and then grandpa and daddy when they arrived. He also splashed up to a total stranger, a lone woman wading in the water, and made 'conversation'. I was nursing B so could only see from a distance, but she seemed delighted.

And Barrett was a SERIOUS waterbug. He LOVED it. If I was standing, holding him on my hip, he struggled to reach for the water. He sat and splashed for well over an hour, and my knees are hurting from the squatting I did to hold him.

Will loves ice cream, but only loves to LICK it. If he takes a bite, he panics from the cold. Messes galore as bite after bite falls off the spoon between licks.

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